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LENO tower from bottom looking toward top of forest canopy

AmeriFlux and the NEON project join forces for eddy covariance data

Want to watch the planet breathe? Eddy covariance data from the NEON flux towers allow you to do just that. These data measure the exchange of gases, water, and energy between ecosystems and the atmosphere.

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Above BONA tower, photo taken from drone

What’s that tree? This neural net can tell you.

Andrew Fricker, used remote sensing data from the NEON Airborne Observation Platform to train a neural net to classify tree species in a Sierra Nevada forest. He and his coauthors describe their approach in the journal Remote Sensing.

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Andrew Fricker by tree.

Examining the drivers of forest productivity

Chris Gough, an associate professor of biology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), is using data from the NEON program to explore relationships between forest structure, biodiversity, and other characteristics and their ability to sequester carbon.

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Cove forests near GRSM.

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